3 Spine Tattoo Designs To Consider

One way to choose a tattoo design is to start by thinking about the part of your body on which you want the ink to appear. Certain areas of your body lend themselves well to certain designs, and a tattoo artist at your local shop can give you all sorts of suggestions once you've shared which part of your body you're considering. A lot of people like the idea of having a tattoo that runs along the length of their spine — roughly from their tailbone to their neck. This long and narrow area works well for many designs, including these three.


One design that may appeal to you is to have a rendering of a vine crawling up your spine from the bottom to the top. This is a fairly popular spine tattoo idea, so you can find all sorts of inspiration online to share with your tattoo artist. The vine can have a simple design, possibly appearing in black and a few shades of gray. Or you might want the vine to appear more vibrant, featuring green hues and perhaps even colorful flowers. Some people like the idea of the vine being very narrow and running straight along the spine, while others favor having it branch out across the back to some degree.


A lot of people get quotes tattooed onto their bodies, and there are all sorts of places where these phrases can work well. If there's a particular quote from a song, movie, or elsewhere that you enjoy, it's worthwhile to consider its length. If the quote is long, it may work well as a spine piece; short quotes, of course, lack the length to cover the entire spine. Share your quote with your tattoo artist and they'll be able to tell you if it's a suitable length for your spine.

Moon Phases

Another idea that you might like is to have the phases of the moon depicted along the length of your spine. The moon has a slightly different appearance in each of these phases; you can find all sorts of renderings online to get a sense of how the phases look. If you like this idea, perhaps because you've always loved looking at the moon, your tattoo artist can space out these individual images along the length of your spine. Visit a tattoo shop to talk about these and other spine tattoo ideas with a local artist.