Three Things You Need To Consider When Buying A Commercial Recycling Container

When you are in charge or own a business, then it is important to ensure that you are not creating more waste than is absolutely necessary, no matter what industry you are in. There are many ways to recycle, and more opportunities than ever to help you get started making your business greener. If you are thinking about installing commercial recycling containers, then great, but you will need to consider a few factors before you make your final choice. Here are three questions you absolutely must answer before you buy anything. 

Inside Or Outside?

If you are getting commercial recycling containers to be used outside, either nearby to food and drink options or in a place where many people walk by or eat lunch, then you need to ensure it is made of material that will withstand the elements. If it is metal, make sure that it is rust-proof or has been treated with an anti-corrosion treatment of some kind. If it is to be used inside, using lighter materials that are easy to pick up and move to different rooms is a good idea, and also makes it much easier for people to empty it out when the time comes.

General Or Specific?

If you are looking at recycling containers, you have no doubt already noticed that there are a few different kinds that you can choose between. Specific commercial recycling containers are made to handle one or two different objects, such as aluminum cans or glass bottles. Others can be made only to take paper and documents. However, you can also find commercial recycling containers that you can throw anything recyclable into, and it will be sorted later on at the recycling center. Just make sure if you do get a specific type of container that you properly mark it for people who may use it.

How Big Do You Need?

If you are a relatively small commercial business then your rubbish needs will be far lower than larger stores, especially when it comes to recycling. For smaller businesses, a couple of small containers is more than enough to handle your weekly load of recycling, as long as you put them in strategically pertinent places so they are easy to access. On the other hand, if you know that you use several pounds of recyclable material each day, then go for one of the higher quantity containers, and get a lot more of them. The last thing people want to see when at work is waste falling out of an overflowing recycling container. 

For more information on commercial recycling containers, contact a company near you.