Pre-Christmas Family Celebration — Move It To The Lodge

The holidays can be hard for families that are spread across the country. Since so many families have members that move far from home, it can be nearly impossible to get everyone together for the holidays. Instead of waiting until Christmas Day to celebrate with your distant loved ones, it's time to start planning a pre-Christmas full-family vacation to celebrate together without causing too much extra stress around the holidays. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you plan the perfect pre-Christmas family gathering.

Reserve Accommodations at a Canyon Lodge

One thing that you'll benefit from by not making this trip on the holidays is how much easier, and probably a little less expensive it is to book accommodations. Since a lot of people like to take vacations around the holidays, the cost of rentals increases. So, if you and your family go a few weeks before Christmas, you'll have more options for accommodations and save some coin.

A canyon lodge has all kinds of things for the family to do all through the year, but during the winter you have access to some of the best skiing in the area. Swimming pool, hot tubs, play areas, restaurants — all right there for your family to enjoy together.

Talk with the Family

Before you go crazy booking the accommodations, talk with the family to find out exactly how many will be joining you for this celebration. There may be new significant others to add to the list, or there could be some that won't be able to make the trip for one reason or another. An accurate headcount is necessary to book enough beds for everyone joining in on the fun.

Ship the Packages

Of course, you're going to want to have gifts for your celebration, but you probably won't want to carry them on a flight or pack them all into a car for the trip. Instead, you can box up the gifts and ship them to the lodge where they'll be held for you until you arrive. Just make sure that you call the lodge in advance to let them know what you're planning. This way, they can make arrangements to receive the packages and store them securely until your family arrives.

Talk with your family — this could be the best way to make it possible for everyone to get together around the Christmas dinner table and gather around the tree early in the morning. Hopefully, this helps your family achieve one huge pre-Christmas gathering this year.