Oh No! Not Scabies!

Did you all of a sudden feel horrible itching on your skin? Maybe there was a red rash and even blisters present. If so, perhaps you tried bathing in something like Epsom salts and maybe you tried calamine lotion. Those didn't help at all, did they? Upon further research, maybe you discovered the awful news that you had scabies. It's like the worst horror movie ever, right? Just picture the invasion of muti-legged creatures called mites burrowing in your skin and driving you insane. 

That invasion could have resulted from simply hanging around somebody else who has scabies. Sadly, you might have even gotten scabies during intimate relations with your partner. Don't despair. From using all natural scabies oil to rid yourself of scabies to letting other know about your problem, here are some ideas that might help you to beat the beast.

All Natural Scabies Oil - Can you believe that something as natural as essential oils might play a major part in getting rid of those horrible mites that are causing your scabies symptoms? Think of purchasing natural scabies remedies that have ingredients like tea tree oil, neem oil, clove oil, palmarosa oil, and eucalyptus oil. Until now, have you even heard the words neem or palmarosa? Maybe you've heard of eucalyptus oil from reading the Holy Bible. But, have you heard of tea tree oil? 

Any of these oils, either used singularly or in combination with other oils and with cayenne pepper or aloe vera, just might do the trick. Also, wash and rinse bed linens and your clothes in very hot water. Those mites might be tiny, but they are extremely powerful little creatures. You might have to repeat the natural scabies oil treatment, but when you are completely cured, it will have been worth the effort. Essential oils aren't super cheap, but you'll probably be surprised that they are more affordable than you thought they would be. 

Spread The Word - Yes, spread the word and don't spread the mites. If you have family members living in your house, they might have scabies, too. After all, remember they are very contagious. Think of other people that you have been with who might have scabies and not even realize it yet. 

If you feel awkward calling people about this face-to-face, just send an email or make a phone call. Be matter of fact about the problem, and if you have been successful in ridding yourself of scabies with all natural scabies oils, be sure to share that information with friends and family members.