Tips For Helping Your Furniture Avoid Common Damages

Your home is not complete without a set of furniture, and buying high-quality furniture can represent a sizable investment in your home. Due to the cost of this investment, it is important for you to take care of your furniture to avoid needing to replace it. Yet, you may not understand some of the more common sources of damage that can impact your furniture and force you to replace it. 

Clean Under Table Glass

It is common for people to place glass over coffee tables or dining room tables, and while this can be an excellent way of protecting the furniture from stains and scratches, it can pose a unique threat to your furniture. Eventually, food particles, dust and dirt will become trapped under the glass, and this can lead to discoloration or scratching.

When cleaning under the glass, make sure that no moisture is left behind. If you place the glass on the table before it dries, the wood will likely start to rot. Due to this threat, you should leave the glass off of the table for several hours to give it time to completely dry before placing the glass back on top of it. This will allow any moisture that has already absorbed into the wood to evaporate. 

Avoid Covering Wood Furniture

In an effort to keep their furniture safe from damage, many people will cover it with plastic or other synthetic materials. Whether this is done to store the furniture or minimize your exposure to allergens, it may not offer the type of protection you are assuming it will. While it may seem like this will keep it safe, these materials will prevent any moisture on the inside from escaping, and this can contribute to rot developing.  

To avoid this problem, you should only use cloth or other porous materials to cover your furniture. These pores will allow the humidity level on the inside to stay equal with that on the exterior, and this will help prevent rot, mold and mildew from damaging your furniture. 

Keeping your furniture in excellent condition can be one of the more overlooked aspects of being a homeowner. Unfortunately, you may not be aware of the various threats and problems that your furniture can encounter until it is too late and damage has already occurred. However, taking these steps can significantly improve the appearance of your furniture while also saving you the costs of repairing or replacing these items. Contact a company like Consignment Furniture Warehouse of Fort Myers Inc for more information.