What Should You Know When You Want To Rent A Storage Unit?

Spring cleaning time is here, and along those lines, one of the most important things to focus on is protecting items that you need to remove from your home but that you may not be quite ready to get rid of. For instance, you might have furniture pieces that you are waiting to install at a later date, or boxes of seasonal clothes that you won't be wearing until the end of the year. To that end, you can rent a storage facility that will allow you to store as many items that you need. When doing this, you will need to understand some pieces of advice that will let you maximize on the use of these storage facilities. 

#1: Grab Some Pallet Planks To Line The Floor

A lot of self storage facilities are situated outdoors, which opens them up to weather conditions. When your city gets heavy rain or snow, you run the risk of having the water drain underneath the door, which can badly soil your items and create mold and mildew. Because of this, you should line the floor with pallet planks, and then place all items atop this makeshift floor. This way, your items are always high enough off of the ground to not be damaged by any water that might leak beneath the door. 

#2: Know What Security You Receive And Get A Good Insurance Policy

Self storage facilities typically put their reputations on the line based upon their ability to protect your belongings. To see the tools these companies use, get a complete breakdown of their security services. Some of these forms of security might include camera systems, alarms, armed security on site, barbed wire fences and codes access. Further, you'll need to be sure that you purchase an insurance policy so that you can safeguard your items from weather damage, theft and anything else that might happen. 

#3: Pack The Items That You Need To Retrieve First, Last

Since you are putting items away temporarily, you should clearly label your boxes and pack the items that you need to get out first, last. A lot of people make the mistake of simply packing their unit, without worrying about rhyme or reason. It can be a dread to have to take everything out of the storage unit to get an item that is buried way in the back, or to have no clue what is inside of the storage unit, because you forgot to label your boxes. 

Use these three tips and touch base with a storage company, such as Nine Mile Self Storage, that can help you.