Detectable Products For A Food Processing Plant

Food processing plants have to follow FDA guidelines. The guidelines prevent the spread of foodborne illnesses and ensure that products are safe for public consumption. During the handling and processing of raw and cooked products, plant workers may need to occasionally take some notes. Metal detectable pens, holders, and scrapers are tools that may prove to be handy during working hours.

Pens And Markers

Pens that contain a polymer barrel, non-toxic ink, and have limited details are best-suited for industries that require operations to be conducted in a sanitary atmosphere. Detectable pens and markers can be used to write on surfaces that standard writing implements cannot.

Glass, plastic, paper, cardboard, and wood are some surfaces that will respond best to the ink of a detectable pen. All of the components that are used to construct detectable writing implements have antimicrobial properties. Metal detecting equipment can be used to locate a pen that is accidentally lost within an area where food is being handled.

Pen Holders

Due to the properties of a detectable pen, this type of writing implement can be considerably more expensive than a basic stick or retractable pen or marker. Pen holders that can be detected can be used to store writing implements that your employees use each day. By investing in a holder, your employees can be directed to return their pens to a holder at the end of their shift.

This process will prevent the pens from being taken from the premises. Some pen holders are wall-mounted. This type of holder style can be secured to a wall that is within the area where food products are handled. A detectable holder will contain minimal details. The smooth surface of a holder will not trap food particles or other contaminants that could become stuck inside of crevices. Lanyards can also be used to secure pens during active work sessions. Each worker can wear a lanyard and clip their pen to it.


If your employees stand behind benchtops or tables and they alternate between handling food and taking notes, the surface of each work area may need to be cleaned off multiple times each day. Detectable scrapers can be used to remove residue from benchtops and tabletops. A scraper that is constructed of a polymer material and that possesses a basic shape will be safe to use around consumables. This type of product can be detected with the same type of equipment that the detectable pens and holders can be detected with. 

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