4 Ways To Properly Prepare Your Items For Storage

If you don't have enough space for all your items within your home, it is time to rent a storage unit. A storage unit will give you space to put items you don't need to access on a day-to-day basis and will help your home feel more open and accessible. When it comes to putting your items into a storage unit, you want to make sure you properly prepare your items for storage.

Way #1: Clean Everything Up

Before you start packing your items to put them into storage, you will want to clean them up. Your items will weather their time in storage better if they are clean going into the storage process.

For items like clothing, that means washing those items. For things like appliances, that means wiping down and cleaning all parts and making sure no moisture is left behind. You should wipe down and clean every item you plan on putting in your storage in a manner appropriate for that item. That way, the item goes into storage in the best possible condition, and you reduce the chance of tracking dust and food particles with the items you are storing.

Way #2: Invest in Airtight Plastic Storage Containers

For the more sensitive items than you want to pack up, you will want to invest in airtight plastic storage containers instead of putting those items into cardboard boxes. For example, you will want to put things like books, photos, electronics, and clothing that are sensitive to moisture into airtight plastic containers that will keep the moisture out and provide high-quality long-term protection for your items.

Way #3: Be Careful with Fragile Items

For items that are fragile, you are going to want to take extra care with those items. You will want to wrap those items up in bubble wrap and make sure they are placed inside a box or container where they will not move around.

You can also be going to want to mark the boxes as fragile. That way, you will know to handle those boxes with more care when moving them around. Place fragile boxes where they will not get tipped over or crushed inside of your storage unit.

Way #4: Keep Things Organized

Finally, focus on the organization as you prepare your items for storage. Pack similar items together in the same box, like kitchen items together. Clearly label in detail what is inside of each box.

When you get to your storage unit, have a plan for where you want to put things. If possible, invest in some shelving to organize the boxes and allow easier access to them. The more organized you keep things, the more useful your storage unit will be to you.

If you feel like your home is stuffed with too much stuff, it is time to rent a storage unit. A storage unit will allow you a safe space to put items you don't have room for in your home. Before putting items into your storage unit: clean them up, pack sensitive items into airtight plastic containers, be careful with fragile items and keep things organized. Following this advice will protect your belongings and create easy access to the storage unit. 

For more information, reach out to a local storage facility, like U-Stor-It.