Is Your Office Copier Slowing Your Business Down? Here Are 4 Productivity Benefits Of Upgrading To A Modern Model

If your office is stuck with an aging copier, it's a massive drag on employee efficiency. An older copier that prints slowly, lacks cloud integration or frequently breaks down presents an impediment to your employees — time spent waiting for the copier to finish printing or be repaired definitely does not further your business goals. Read on to see four features in modern copiers that bring your office a massive boost in productivity.

1. You'll Increase Your Printing Speed

Many office copiers can now print at speeds greater than 50 pages per minute. The ability to print over 50 pages per minute might sound excessive — after all, that's over 20,000 pages in a single work day! However, it's useful to have an office copier with extreme printing speed to prevent a backlog during peak printing hours — these often occur when employees first come in to work in the morning and rush to the copier to print documents for clients or for a meeting held that day. Your employees will spend much less time waiting around the copier for their print jobs to finish and more time doing useful work.

2. You'll Have the Ability to Staple or Hole-Punch Documents as They're Printed

Some modern office copiers have time-saving features such as automatically stapling or hole-punching the copies that you make. Some advanced models can even fold promotional brochures for you, which means you'll no longer have to order them from a print shop. If your office regularly prints documents that need to be stapled or hole-punched, this is a great way to boost employee productivity — the time spent stapling or hole=punching hundreds of copies could be much better used performing job duties.

3. You'll Improve Your Copier's Reliability

If your current office copier often breaks down, it might be time for an upgrade. Copiers don't get better with age — they contain a number of small motors that slowly wear out over time. When your copier breaks frequently, it's an extreme annoyance for your employees. A broken copier is an interruption in their workflow and sometimes prevents work from being done at all until repairs can be made. Additionally, if you lease a modern copier through an office copier service, its regular maintenance will be included as part of the leasing fee — this keeps it in good working order over the duration of your lease.

4. Your Employees Can Scan Documents Directly Into a Cloud Document Server

Modern office copiers with cloud integration bring your office a big boost in productivity. Employees can scan documents and automatically upload them to the cloud, and they are also able to print out documents from your document server even if they're working remotely. Any documents that are copied will be securely retained in the cloud, just in case an employee needs to print them again — this prevents your employees from having to hunt down old documents in order to make more copies when they're needed.

As you can see, upgrading your office's copy machine brings a number of productivity boosts to your employees. Many offices delay upgrading because of the cost of modern copiers. However, if you lease a copier through an office copier service, you can start realizing the productivity benefits of a modern copier right away without having to pay the large up-front cost of purchasing a machine outright. If you're interested, contact an office copier service that operates in your area and tell them which features you're looking for in your copier — your employees will be thankful, especially if you rescue them from an old copier that frequently breaks down.