Tips For Choosing And Installing A Pond Liner

If you are a homeowner and are putting a pond in your backyard, you likely want to make sure that it remains structurally sound and full of water. One way to help ensure that is to add a pond liner. Here are some tips for installing a pond liner so that the process is easy and leaves your pond looking excellent.

1. Avoid Stretching the Liner

You will likely want to make sure that you have a few people helping you lay the liner of your pond in order to avoid having to deal with the wind folding the liner back in on itself. However, make sure that each person that is helping you knows that it is important for the liner to have a little bit of give to it. You do not want it to be stretched tight because this will increase the chances that it will tear or that it will not fit correctly. If you live in an area that is prone to earthquakes, make sure that there are several prominent wrinkles at the very least. This will help the soil settle better and will keep the pond from collapsing in on itself. By leaving a little give in your liner, you will avoid having to redo it in the near future.

2. Get a Black Pond Liner

Go with a black or very dark green pond liner in order to make your pond look as natural as possible. A black pond liner will reflect the sky, as well as any foliage that is on top of the water. This will create an aesthetically pleasing effect and make your pond look very attractive.

3. Consider Your Garden

If you are putting a pond in the middle of your garden, you will want it to fit in well. If your garden is very regimented and has flowers in perfectly straight rows, then you will want to install a symmetrical pond in order to help continue the overall aesthetic of order. If you have a garden that is mostly made up of wildflowers or doesn't have real order, with all of the plants spilling into each other, then you should go with a pond liner that will allow your pond to not be perfectly symmetrical and instead be an irregular shape because that will look better with the overall aesthetic.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in pond liners, like Billboard Tarps.