Three Ways A Private Investigator Can Help A Business Fight Workers' Compensation Fraud

Workers' compensation fraud can be expensive for a business, but by using the services of a private investigation firm, this type of fraud can be prevented as well as discovered. The following are three ways their services can help fight fraud.

Reducing false claims with preventive measures

A private investigator can look at the security system of your business and make recommendations on placement of cameras, so injuries to workers may be recorded. Although there are laws regarding what can be done with cameras in the workplace, cameras in certain areas will likely prevent many false claims of injury while helping your employees establish legitimate claims.

Video evidence can be gathered to establish fraud

Once a claim has been filed and you have reason to believe that the injury is not real, it is a private investigator that can investigate the employee's behavior while they are healing. Often, an employee away from work will behave differently, not realizing that they are being watched. They may engage in physical activity that they shouldn't be able to do given their medical condition. Some people may go so far as taking a vacation and engaging in sporting activities, while others may simply be seen lifting weight or walking as they do errands around town. A private investigator may be able to record these activities on video, so you and your insurance provider will have the evidence needed for a case of fraud.

Evidence can be gathered with undercover work

Sometimes there is more than one employee involved in fraud. This type of conspiracy can often be discovered with undercover work. A professional detective knows what can and cannot be done legally with an undercover investigation in the workplace. This type of service is often the best choice when there is no record of the injury, and only the word of another employee is all there is to go by. Some injuries may be authentic, but they did not happen on the job. And it is only coworkers that know the truth about this injury. Of course, they may not step forward and tell this to management, so professional investigators become even more important.

Workers' compensation fraud is often difficult to dispute. Some of the claims of injury are real but simply exaggerated. The injury may also be one that is not clearly defined, and a doctor cannot tell how much pain the patient is in or what they are capable of doing on the job. The is often true with back injuries. With so much uncertainty over workers' compensation claims, the services of a private investigator is an important tool to use. Contact a company like ICU Investigations to learn more.