Can You Have A Brick Accent Wall In Your Home?

An exposed brick wall can add a rustic appeal to your home. Unfortunately, not every home or apartment has that decorative touch. However, you can get the brick accent wall you want without going to the extremes. If you are thinking of adding an accent wall, here is what you need to know.  

What Can You Use?

Depending on your budget, there are a few options available for getting a brick accent wall. For instance, you can fall back on a trusted method and use wallpaper. If you are renting, this is especially ideal because you only have to peel and remove it when you move out.  

You could also choose to go with a brick drywall. The brick look can be created with the help of interior stucco. The process can take considerable time though, and the results can significantly vary.  

Another option is to opt for thin brick panels. The panels are similar to ceramic tiles and can be easily applied. Although the panels can be removed, it is a better option for homeowners than renters. The panels are available in a wide range of styles and color choices so that you can easily find ones that complement your room's existing décor.  

What Should You Watch for With Panels?

If you do opt for the thin brick panels for your accent wall, there are some missteps you should avoid to ensure the quality of the installation. For instance, you need mortar to apply the panels. Pay close attention to the consistency of the mortar. If it is too thin or thick, the panels might not stay in place or appear to be uneven on the wall.  

You also have to remember to use a moisture barrier. Even though the panels are thin, moisture can build up behind them and cause them to fall off the wall. Until this happens, you could have a mold problem secretly developing. A moisture barrier will provide the protection needed.  

In addition to these missteps, you need to watch out for uneven placement of the panels. If your placement gets off track at the start of the project, the entire wall can appear to be crooked. To avoid this, make sure you place a ledger at the bottom. Use a level to make sure the line is even.  

Before settling on panels, take the time to research them and find the right ones to build your new accent wall. Talk to panel companies like The Best Panel Company.