4 Tips for Using Your New Needle Felting Machine

If you are an accomplished seamstress, you may want to consider adding a needle felting machine to your arsenal. After purchasing a needle felting machine, you will be able to easily fuse a variety of different types of fabrics to a base cloth, allowing you to make a wide variety of beautiful and decorative creations. Use the following tips to get started with your new needle felting machine.

Choose Your Materials Wisely

As with any new type of sewing machinery, there will be a slight learning curve as you learn how to use your new needle felting machine. While you are getting used to operating it and getting a feel for how it works, it is a good idea to start out with simple materials. It is highly recommended that people who are new to using a needle felting machine start out using fleece or wool blend felt, as the needles in the machine can easily pierce this type of fabric.

Remember That Needles Can Be Removed

Different brands of needle felting machines can have a different number of needles, but in most models, you have the option of removing needles if desired. Don't be afraid to experiment with using a different number of needles as you learn to use the machine so you can discover what feels most comfortable for you. In general, using fewer needles will allow you to focus on smaller areas and applique smaller pieces of fabric.

Avoid Broken Needles

Getting used to how a machine reacts to fabric can be frustrating. The first few times you use your new needle felting machine, try to focus on running the needles quickly by applying pressure to the floor pedal, but move your fabric gently and slowly under the needles using just your fingers. This technique will help ensure that your needle felting machine works as it should without breaking any needles while you are working on your projects.

Remove Broken Needles Promptly

No matter how careful you are or how hard you try to use the proper technique, you may end up breaking a needle on your machine as you learn how to use it. If this happens, it is important to immediately remove the needle head and any broken needle parts from the machine. If you attempt to continue using the machine after a needle has broken, it will end up poking large holes in the fabric, which could ruin the overall look of what you are making. 

For more tips on using your new needle felting machine, talk to a professional at Felt Loom.