4 Unique Gift Ideas For Writers

If you have a friend or loved one in your life that is a writer, there may come a time you need to buy them an amazing gift. Perhaps you are looking for a present for your best friend who just wrote her first novel, or you want to congratulate a business colleague on getting promoted to senior editor. Regardless of the reason for the gift, these ideas will be fun and useful.

1. Digital Pen and Pad

One great gift for writers that have embraced technology is a digital pen and pad. There are digital pens that work on traditional tablet computers, or some that are meant for digital pads sold with the pens. Either way, this is wonderful for writers that like to write things by hand, but also want to have a digital form of their stories. It is also excellent when a writer isn't at home but suddenly has a great idea for a book. They can take out their digital pen, write a few notes, and save it for later.

2. Foot Warmer

Writers spend a lot of time sitting at their desk and working on their computer. Whether they are working on the first draft, proofreading their work before sending it off to the editor, or doing research, they will likely spend hours in the same spot. Sitting still for that long can cause them to get cold, which is where the foot warmer comes in. There are many different types of foot warmers, but a foot warming pad is an excellent choice. They will rest their feet on the pad, allowing it to heat up their feet as they work.

3. Fountain Pen and Ink

For writers that like old-fashioned items and a bit of writing nostalgia, how about a fountain pen and ink? There are many manufacturers of fountain pens, like Norfolk Stationery Co, that look similar to modern pens, but still use the vintage methods of writing with the pen and ink. You can get your writer friend a fountain pen with a couple bottles of ink, plus a nice notepad to write their notes on.

4. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Some writers like to work in complete silence while others listen to music while they are concentrating on a story. Noise-canceling headphones can be beneficial in either case. When they have music playing, the headphones not only let them listen to their favorite song, but they don't hear any other noises. These headphones can also be worn without listening to anything, as they still block out other sounds.